Flood Clean-up

Flood Cleanup Alberta

We have been part of many flood cleanup situations and are here to help!

  • Emergency Calls
  • High level alarms
  • Early detection systems

Will provide service for large flood situations in Southern Alberta.

For service for smaller flood situations and for 24/7 emergency services please call Restoration Worx.

Back in 2005 when the Okotoks area was hit with a sudden melt of snow, Bill (who had been up all night with other people's emergencies) graciously came out to our acreage and sucked out our basement. The water was backing up through our septic tank and we were in a real mess! There was about 8 inches of water and Bill stayed and hauled truck load after truck load out of our basement as well as helped us come up with a solution to keep the water from flowing in through our tank. We were extremely grateful for his prompt and dedicated service. Thank you so much!

Steve & Mary Gardner

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